Henna has a long, deep and rich history that captures our attention for its fleeting beauty. Just the scent of Henna takes me to another world, an exotic place. Henna is a healthy hedonistic rite. Being Hennaed makes you slow down, relax and just be. Henna is great for men, women and children.

Henna can be done for parties, weddings, corporate events, birthdays, any holiday, and special occasions or as rites of passage. Many people use henna in a blessingway for Mothers-to-be. Your design becomes a souvenir of your experience. I really enjoy the children. Children have a fascination with Henna that is open and honest. One little girl asked me so forthright and wistfully, “Can you do my other hand to match?” I had to comply!


Find all your Henna needs:

Find henna, henna kits, gift certificates, glitter and accessories at my new online shop.  Made from safe, high-quality ingredients the products I have chosen are great for parties, events, and gifts.  Looking for someone to apply the henna? Contact us about a booking.


Book your Henna session:

Henna Moon makes your next corporate event, wedding, party, baby, birth, and ceremonies special.  A gift in itself.  Whatcom County Henna artists can come to your event and make it a memorable one.  Henna is safe for all ages and unique designs can be prepared in advance.


Browse our henna designs:

Browse some of my Henna designs here.  With or without the temporary glitter, my designs are founded upon beauty, art and design or ancient symbols of healing.  This gallery represents a small portion of the work I do.  Let me know if there is a custom design you would like to see.